The Easy to Install Garage Door Armor

garage door armor imageBurglaries and break- ins are something, which a homeowner does not really want to think about. One feels like that their home is their fortified castle and it is well protected from all the ugliness of the world outside. However, the reality is in fact more daunting. A statistical study shows that a robbery occurs once every 15 seconds. The number of robberies in a day in the United States is at a staggering 7000. Out of that 3500 break ins occur during the day when the homeowner is at work. On an average, when the home is broken into, the cost burden to the homeowner is roughly $2200. However, the statistic most difficult to digest is that a thief can break inside your house in only 6 seconds.

Prevention against Six Second Robberies

The six-second robbery does not require any elaborate equipment, just a wire coat hanger, and the wooden wedge. The thief can easily use these instruments to gain access to your garage and then to your home. They can enter the house without a sound or the alarm going off. While you are away, they can take their time looking around for valuables and render you a massive loss. The thief will jam a wooden wedge into the empty space on top of the garage door and create a little more room for him to work in. Next, he will use a coat hanger to hook onto the manual release of the door. Once this is done, he gains access to your house. The best way to prevent this is by installing the Garage Door Armor.

Garage Door Armor Benefits

Once the Garage Door Armor is installed, the thief will not be able to gain access to the manual release switch and unlock the garage door without a remote control. The garage door armor will block the path simply. This is a massive deterrent to the thief, as he will not want to waste any time and move onto the next house. Moreover, the Garage Door Armor is easy to install. It takes only a few seconds for the user to snap the armor on in front of the trolley. The upgraded version of the Garage Door Armor is called the Garage door armor pro, which provides extra protection and can be installed within a few minutes. So before going for work, just put the shield in place and maintain peace of mind about the security of your home.

The thieves are becoming smarter by the day. However, with the garage door armor you can protect yourself from being a victim. It will protect you from the six-second break in. You do not require a drawbridge and a moat to protect your castle, you just need a simple product like the Garage door Armor to prevent robberies.

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