kansas city tourism attractions

Kansas City Tourist Attractions Listed

Did you know that Kansas City has been coined as “Paris of the Plains”? This was due to the fact that this beautiful city has more boulevards than any other city in the world, besides Paris. Kansas City is found in the vast Midwest where it lies in the border of Kansas and Missouri. Its exact location is at the river of Kansas with Missouri which extends through the banks of the rivers. The city is well renowned for their delicious steaks and eclectic jazz music. Kansas City is a booming center of agriculture in the United States. Because of the packing stations and stockyards, it has paved the way to creating very efficient foodstuff industries as well as processing industries. When you take a look at its skyline, you can see that it’s the more important one of the two cities. It is very well loved by tourists and locals because it’s a jazz haven for music lovers. If you’re a food enthusiast, you’ll surely enjoy your visit since they are popularly called the “Barbecue Capital” because of their scrumptious steaks. Kansas City, Missouri first came about when French traders settlements came to their town selling fur. The city quickly became an active cultural and economic center in 19th century. It is a great destination for people who love traveling to historical places and experiencing different cultures.

  1. The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
  2. The beautiful Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is a very impressive and vast collection focusing towards an East Asian theme. It is made popular because of the amazing range of artwork they showcase from different parts of the world. Their broad selection and variety of paintings is appreciated by everyone. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just visiting town, you’ll surely be able to appreciate their majestic and lovely grounds. They also have a sculpture park where you can enjoy going around for a walk. Every piece they have in the museum is so intricate and unique so you’ll surely get the experience of a lifetime. You can also enjoy eating picnic, playing some sports, or taking a guided tour of this amazing museum.

  3. The Kemper Museum of Art
  4. The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 1994 and attracts more than 100,000 tourists every year. The entrance is free, which is always a great bonus. Kansas City is very proud about this establishment as it boasts of 3 locations each having a continuously growing permanent collection. They exhibit contemporary and modern works of different artists from different parts of the world. They usually host exhibitions, lectures, workshops, film series, installations, and other interesting programs. The most famous artists they have in the museum are made by Robert Mapplethorpe, William Wegman and Georgia O’Keeffe.

  5. Toy & Miniature Museum
  6. This gorgeous tourist attraction is located on the University of Missouri’s campus grounds. The museum has 24 rooms which are filled with trains, dolls, iron toys, doll houses, and miniatures. The intricately made miniatures they have are beautifully made reproductions of real art and artifacts. They offer a wide selection of toys and miniatures which are very unique and will have enthusiasts mind blown by their display.

  7. Airline History Museum
  8. The Airline History Museum is located at Kansas City’s Downtown airport which is found on the northern part of the city. The experience of walking around the planes will surely make any flight enthusiasts’ heart skip a beat. This is a place where you’ll be able to relive the days of people flying with propeller machines through the Atlantic. Veterans who are present there are more than willing to share their past experiences with you regarding their flights. They are celebrating their Silver Anniversary, 25 years in the business and still going strong.

  9. National World War I Museum
  10. The Liberty Memorial Museum was made specifically to commemorate the brave citizens who died fighting the war and served for their country. The museum has a lot of objects which are authentically from World War I. They also have the Egyptian Revival style monument which is dedicated in 1926 rising at a higher level than the museum and its surroundings. In 2006, another attraction was added which they called the National World War I museum and it was opened just right below the monument.

  11. Arabia Steamboat Museum
  12. In 1853, The Steamboat Arabia was created in West Brownsville, Pennsylvania at the boatyard of John Pringle. It was 171 ft. long and was able to carry 222 tons of cargo which made it an average sized boat. During its peak, the Steamboat Arabia was popularly known as a dependable vessel which helped build its reputation of being comfortable, safe, and fast. It vanished in 1856 and was amazingly rediscovered 132 years later. All of its precious cargo was still inside the boat unscathed. The excavation was able to uncover various items such as medicine, clothing, guns, perfume, and jewelry.

  13. Union Station
  14. Built in 1914, the beautiful Union Station is an 850,000 square feet train station which originally had 900 rooms. During its prime years, it was able to accommodate thousands of passengers every year. In World War II, there is an estimated 1 million travelers, many of which are soldiers, who passed by this station. It was closed permanently in the 1980s but in 1996 a historical bi-state initiative was made to start renovating the station. It was fully completed in 1999. Today, thousands of tourists from different parts of the world visit the Union Station and is left in awe of its authentic historical beauty.

  15. Hallmark Visitors Center
  16. A peek inside the marvelous Hallmark Visitors Center will transport you to a place of a storied past and an exciting future brought to life. Hallmark is one of the world’s most premier creative companies. Inside the Center, you’ll be able to see different exhibits where you’ll get a firsthand look of how they create their innovative products. It has been 100 years since Hallmark has made Kansas City its permanent home. In 1910, the company was founded by Joyce Hall with a shoe box full of postcards. Now, we get to enjoy their quirky and fun greeting cards which come in 30 languages in 100 countries around the world. Hallmark Visitors Center has free entrance and you’ll surely get to enjoy touring this educational landmark.

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