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Kansas City Rescue Mission

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Just by looking at the name ‘Kansas City Rescue Mission’, you can easily tell that whatever is attached to the name must be involved in salvation missions. However, there are questions that will still pop in your mind every time you see that name. Here is a brief explanation of what is Kansas City Rescue Mission and what it really does:

What is Kansas City Rescue Mission?

It is a christ base center that offers recovery services to both men and women who have gone through drug addiction or psychological, emotional and physical trauma. Kansas City Rescue Mission was started in 1950 and it has helped desolate and hopeless men and women rebuild their lives. It is a center that help both men and women to free themselves from the past and gives them hope for the future in order to help them realize their full potential. There are centers for both men and women.

What services are offered at Kansas City Rescue Mission?

Kansas City Rescue Mission is a recovery center that offers a wide range of services to both men and women with the aim of rebuilding their broken lives. It is general knowledge that when you give a homeless person or a drug addict money they will probably use it on drugs and alcohol. Therefore, most financial support they receive rarely help them build their lives or correct their wrong decisions. Kansas City Rescue Mission offers both spiritual and financial support to these men and women who seems to have no hopes for the future. The services offered by Kansas City Rescue Mission can be divided into:

  1. Relief programs
  2. Under this program, Kansas City Rescue Mission offers basic care to both men and women. Some of the services available are:
    – Shelter
    – Food
    – Health care
    – Bible study
    – Laundry services

  3. Recovery programs

Kansas City Rescue Mission has a recovery program that offers:

– Bible based skills
– Counselling
– Adult high school

Why do Kansas City Rescue Mission offer help?

In order to understand the motive behind the work of Kansas City Rescue Mission, you need to first know who really benefits from the services offered at the center. Kansas City Rescue Mission helps homeless and desolate men and women who have different life struggle to recover. Men that benefit from the broad programs of Kansas City Rescue Mission are usually drug addicts, alcoholic, or victims of abuse. When it comes to women, the programs focus on single women, drug addicts, alcoholic and victims of psychological and physical abuse. The center offers both personal and general help to men and women who are still tied to the wrong mistakes they made in the past. Kansas City Rescue Mission does not receive any fund or financial support from the government and only receive financial support from the community. It is this kind of generosity and kindness that drives Kansas City Rescue Mission to pursue their mission.

The above information gives you a vivid comprehension of what is Kansas City Rescue Mission, their agenda and what they really do on the grounds. You should also note that Kansas City Rescue Mission has set up programs and channels through which you can become part of rehabilitating hopeless people in the society. This is a clear indication that it is the community that facilitate every philanthropic activity in the center.

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