Broken Garage Door Springs Kansas City MO

replacing-garage-door-springs-kansas-city-moTorsion springs are some of the most commonly replaced parts on a garage door. Broken and damaged springs can completely stop your garage door from opening and closing often. Our technicians have become experts in Kansas City garage door spring repair and can have your springs replaced within hours, and have your garage door running smoothly again.

The BEST Torsion Garage Door Springs On the Market!

We use only the best steel torsion springs for our Kansas City garage door spring repair customers! Our garage door springs are rated for many thousands of cycles, which means years of worry-free use. Torsion springs are not the only kind of garage door spring in use today – extension springs are fairly common as well. However, extension springs for residential garage doors are now considered obsolete. Increasingly, more garage doors are operated by torsion springs. Call today for torsion spring conversion if your garage door still uses the outdated extension springs.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Services in Kansas City

Kansas City garage door spring repair is also a safety issue – not just in the use of the garage door, but in the replacement of the garage door springs. If you do not install the safety cables properly when changing a garage door spring, you could have a situation where the spring breaks, flies loose and hits someone! You could even have a situation where the garage door comes off the tracks and falls. A heavy garage door is a serious danger. Better to have an expert replace your garage door torsion springs for you.

Our technicians are equipped with the highest quality springs in the industry, so our replacements are under a lifetime warranty. The springs that we use have a minimum life span of 10,000 cycles. This usually equates to 7-10 years of every day use. If you want a free estimate on your next spring replacement or garage door repair job, give Quicklift a call today.

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