Best Kansas City BBQ Restaurants You Should Try Out

Here are the best restaurants Kansas City has to offer in that regard:

Jack Stack BBQ

Who says you cannot eat barbecue with class? In Jack Stack BBQ, you are assured of having the best BBQ gastronomic experience in an upscale setting. There are three branches of the 50-year old BBQ institution in Kansas City, which means a lot more opportunities to taste their famous brick oven-cooked menu. You may also want to try out their hickory-smoked Denver-cut lamb ribs for a trip down exotic land.

Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue

The unconventional start of Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue in a gas station (then called Oklahoma Joe’s) has been told well over the years. But even of greater value to the restaurant is the fact that their specialty sandwiches as well as meat dinners also have a reputation for being among the best in Missouri. Plus, if you do not have time to go regularly to the restaurant, you have the option of shopping their meat selection online and picking the order so you can cook it yourself when you need to.

Danny Edwards

Named after its owner, Danny Edwards boasts of a rich culinary history that dates to the Great Depression. A big portion of the menu has been handed down from generation to generation in his family and has become a Kansas City favorite for their classic pulled-pork sandwich and smoked barbecue. The diner is also a perfect opportunity for pictures as the pink concrete pig outside has been a widely loved city icon.

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ is the perfect go-to place if you want to enjoy your barbecue sandwich in the presence of live blues music. Out of the Kansas City BBQ restaurants, B.B.’s presents the best dining options for the gastronomically adventurous due to their buffalo shrimp and pit-smoked Italian sausage. But if you want something that you don’t eat every day, get ready to have your mind blown with their Bar-B-Que Sundae, a surprisingly meaty twist at the American sundae craze.

Arthur Bryant’s

Arthur Bryant is famous in Kansas City for being the best dining stop for fans and players of major league baseball as it is located near the municipal stadium. Its slow-smoked ribs has a legendary status in the area and Arthur Bryant’s was called by author Calvin Trillin as the best restaurant in the United States. It is one of the few BBQ restaurants in the city that has a drive through, which makes it perfect for late-night cravings. Additionally, the restaurant also has an online shopping option on its website.

Kansas City has no shortage of great barbecue restaurants you can choose from. But as a consumer, it is important to choose the best to get the value of what you are paying for. These restaurants have proven that even in the countryside, the quality of barbecue restaurants should be top-notch.

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